Epika is
the Bible

Epika is the Bible rendered through the lenses of Immersive Virtual Reality. It recreates a historically accurate Biblical World in realistic 3D computer graphics, leveraging on the latest technologies.

Leaders from all three religious traditions could use this biblical virtual world as a platform for their message. As a global platform for the church at large, it transcends geographic boundaries and can bring diverse audiences together under a safely curated Virtual Reality world.

Epika offers a virtually unlimited range of unique uses, including personal retreats, small group gatherings, and a platform for churches and content creators to share their messages from the Bible Metaverse.

Epika enables users to have contemplative Bible experiences, conduct virtual Bible studies, and even attend sermons delivered from the Metaverse. It also serves as a valuable tool for Bible translators, aiding their comprehension of the cultural and historical context behind the Biblical text.


Epika as your
Personal Sanctuary

Epika is a curated and safe metaverse of the Bible, with beautiful ultra-realistic environments recreating the Biblical world, making it a good alternative for our more contemplative Bible time.

Epika can enhance the user’s quiet time. For instance, a user could choose to listen to the Sermon on the Mount at the very Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered it, overlooking the city of Capernaum. They could sit on the shorelines of the Sea of Galilee, surrounded by sounds of the water and wildlife, while the Bible is read to them.


Epika as a platform
for the church at large

For Christian content creators (Churches, Pastors, Christian authors etc.) the Epika Bible becomes an engaging new platform for their message, by allowing experiences from the metaverse to be shared over the web. Pastors could preach sermons to their audiences streaming them from the Metaverse. Christian Authors could augment their books by offering their message from the Metaverse. Imagine Max Lucado’s book “In the Footsteps of the Savior” being presented by Max himself from a virtual Jerusalem.

Epika Worlds (the Company) will seek strategic partnerships with major Christian content creators – such as churches, pastors, authors, publishers, and ministries – offering them the opportunity of extending the reach of their message through the Epika Platform. As a result, the Epika Bible will offer a broad range of curated Bible engagement content including, Bible studies, sermons, devotions, Bible commentaries and more. This body of extra Biblical content will make the Bible message more relevant, addressing the varied needs and interests of Epika’s digital audiences.

Additionally, the Epika Bible Metaverse serves as a platform for specialized training and education for Bible translators. It allows the creation and delivery of translator-specific guided virtual tours of the Biblical world and its cultural context. This platform empowers translators to enhance their understanding of the intricate cultural aspects behind the original text.

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